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How to do this training

Hello and welcome to learning about the primary acupuncture meridians.

The first three sections have videos on practices you can do to awaken the meridians and your etheric energy/qi/ki/prana. Become familiar with these techniques and you can then apply them to the other meridians as you learn each ones pathway.

The material is separated into three sections with each section containing four meridians that have a particular relationship to each other. The primary pathway of each meridian will be described as ways to understand the energetics of that meridian and its function in the body when healthy and imbalanced. Tools such as plants that resonate and practices will also be provided for each meridian.

Have fun awakening and becoming familiar with this aspect of your body that you may have never known about. As you start activating more meridians they will start to talk to you. Be like a child again full of curiosity and follow your impulses for what practices you want to play with on any given day.

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