In talking with clients and friends I realized there is lack of understanding on what acupuncture and meridian therapy is really about. With our strong backgrounds in the biomedical approach to anatomy and physiology, most people think of it as "trigger point therapy". I see it as so much more than that. We all know and accept mitochondria and germs even though most of us have never seen these things, but the idea that disharmonious energy stored in our ankle can be linked to patterns of obsessive baffling. Acupuncture and Meridian Theory see all aspects of the the body as linked, much like fascia covers, connects, and influences the whole body.

One of my meditation instructors regularly emphasized the value of not just listening to what others tell us but also experiencing for ourselves. With that in mind my intention is not only to share information about the meridians, but also practices to help you experience and know for yourself.

Curriculum: This is a work in progress! As I review old material and learn new I will continue to develop and add on to what I have here.

Who is this for?

1. Anyone receiving acupuncture. As the meridians awaken you will become more responsive to treatments. You may not need appointments as frequently as shifts hold better in your energy. Many need acupuncture regularly to maintain their current level of health yet with these practices you can notice acupuncture treatments becoming more effective with longer lasting results. Waking up the energetic body helps the body become more efficient at correcting imbalances.

2. Anyone wanting to be an acupuncturist or other type of therapist working with meridians. The more you can sense these energetic pathways in yourself the better you will be at recognizing and correcting imbalances and blockages in others' meridians.

3. Anyone interested in energetics, meditation, and preventive medicine. The more awakened your energetic body is the more effective your meditation will become. The meridians often work as a bridge between our physical and energetic body. Activating your meridians will help you to become more aware of your non-physical self.

4. Anyone who learns better through activity and experience than reading a book.

I set this training up to accommodate those like me - short attention span and too much going on. I want this to be easy to incorporate into your daily life. 10-15 minutes a day is feasible for those even with a busy schedule. In the beginning daily repetition will pay off more in this process than long sessions.

In each Primary Meridian section you will learn the pathway, organs linked to that meridian, signs of imbalance in the meridian, and techniques to activate the meridian so that you can feel it yourself.